Graphic that reads "why you need a skincare routine?" featuring a woman washing her face in the mirror and an illustration of skincare

"Do I even NEED a skin care routine?"

Don’t hate me, but the answer is yes.

Every single human could benefit from having a skin care routine. Regardless of how it is commonly framed, practicing routine care and hygiene for your skin is not a luxury, feminine experience. It’s a human one that we all should practice.

Okay but why?

There are probably 2 reasons that summarize them all about why a skin care routine is an essential hygiene step: cleansing + protection.


Every day, your body is exposed to an array of dirt, pollutants, chemicals, irritants, bacteria, and (most likely) UV rays. While most of your body may be covered (and protected) from these environmental agitators by your clothing, your face is exposed to them all. Without properly cleansing your face, this gunk sits on your face and can lead to a variety of skin concerns, including pimples, breakouts, inflammation, dry skin, rashes, etc. By using a facial cleanser (no soap, bby) daily, you can begin to effectively combat all of these issues.

Protection (&Moisture):
Protection and your skin is a two fold situation. By design, your skin serves as protection for your inner organs from the outside world. Several layers create a barrier that works to keep out the environmental irritants that we just mentioned.  Part of what creates the barrier of your skin is your acid mantle/moisture barrier. This super protective layer requires moisture to work properly. Without it, this barrier will allow bacteria and other irritants into your skin, leading to skin concerns.

In addition, your skin needs protection from the sun. (Yes, even you.) Sun damage can lead to dryness (and lowkey dryness leads to like…every other skin concern) Experts estimate that over 80% of aging in your skin happens because of the sun. And I know what you’re thinking. (Your grandma, your aunty/your uncle, and your cousin do look great for their age.  But hear me out..imagine if they consistently wore sunscreen throughout their life and looked 80% younger than they do? Whole family tree would look 35 and under. ) In addition, the sun can cause skin cancer in all skin shades. Protect yourself.


YES. You would absolutely benefit from one. 

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