How to Properly Elevate with your HIGHER planner.

Begin by setting your declarations for the year. What will you build and manifest? This page has been purposefully left unstructured to allow you to throw whatever you would like there. Whether it be words or pictures, create the vision of what you will be building in 2019. 


Take those declarations and turn them into tangible goals. Be sure to create goals in a holistic manner, touching on mind, money, career, and self.

Then, tackle your money goals for the year. How much do you plan to earn? To save? Will you pick up new sources of income? Get ahead of the curve. Nothing worse than an idea that comes too late. 

Quarterly Goals: Next, jump into your quarterly goals and their deadlines. Each goal should specific and achievable within a 3 month period. Consider what outcomes you are hoping to receive from these goals and how you will measure their success.


Monthly Overview: Each month includes a focusing page with goal identification and To Do list, a habit tracker, and money management. Set your intention for the next 4 weeks to assist in your productivity and keep you focused on your goals.

Habit Tracking: The habit tracker has been designed to allow for the habit to be written in the center of each circle. Every day that the habit is completed, color in a segment within the outlining circle. Aim to complete the circle.



Money Management: Dreams take money and managing your finances is the first step to increasing wealth. There is a table to track income, expenses and monthly budget goals.

Weekly layouts: Each week has been vertically designed to include a full 7-day spread. As a young creative, each day is as important (and sometimes as busy) as the next. Also included to fuel your productivity, space to outline your focus, goals, and required tasks for each week. Each day also includes a daily focus section to ensure you get done what needs to get done.




Dig in. Fill all the space within these pages with the frenzy of dreams that fills your brain.

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