2019 In Review

2019 In Review

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Our Year Review was created to help guide you as you review the year that has passed and outlines the goals that serve you best for the next.

Each year comes with its own highs and hardships, pushing you outside of your comfort zones. In the discomfort, there is an opportunity to grow and learn new perspectives, methods, and practices.

Use our guide, broken down by different aspects of life, to review the Failures and Losses and Accomplishments and Successes of the year.  Be sure to be earnest and honest in your analysis. It is only for your  own growth.

Then, comb through your habits, patterns, and routines to discover what is best left in 2019 and what is necessary for your elevation in the next year.

Finally, outline your goals for 2020, knowing the are deeply rooted in the work needed for your Growth.

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