We believe that structure is the key to creativity.

Too often, creatives seek a lifestyle without boundaries, rather than building a framework that drives their creativity, freedom, and hustle. Goal-oriented and focused, we wanted planners that challenged us to alter our approach and implemented more structure and drive in our routine.We wanted planners designed for people who thought, experienced, and moved through the world the same way we do.

So we made it. 

Our Story

In 2017, scottie. gave up searching for the perfect planner. Officially exhausted by shopping planners made for people with different lifestyles and attitudes, scottie. made one for herself. And in 2018, she released HIGHER; a concept planner. While great, it didn’t fully actualize the vision in her head and in 2019, she set out to build the brand, deeper.

In 2019, Alter Planning Co was born. Inspired by the agricultural legacy of her ancestors, great men and women who worked the land and cultivated crops to feed their families, scottie. built a brand that honored the work and ancestral relationship between wealth and earth.


Our featured color for the 2020 season is Cane River Red. An exaltation of the red clay found in Northern Louisiana, we wanted to honor the soil and waterway that nourished a community of people of color for hundreds of years. 

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