2021 Color: Lush Green

2021 Color: Lush Green



Inspired by the calming and restorative nature of the color green, Alter Planning Co's featured color this year is Lush Green. True to the Lousiana Nature, this color is reflective of the state's landscape and notoriously evergreen vegetation.

While 2020 continues to be a year filled with harsh realities, loss, and change, may it also ignite innovation, in the way we hustle, the way we move, and the way we nurture ourselves. May personal care become immoveable facets of our routines, because let's face it. We are all we have. 

Through the selection of green, we aim to remind you to heal and focus on you, that you are more than your work and productivity. You are more than your output. 

It is our hope that we at APC can inspire restoration, healing, and growth in each of you.

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