alter planning co.

the story

as told by scottie. o

founded in 2019

APCo. products are for the hustlers, the dreamers, the planners, the hotties, the creatives, the intuitives, the nuerodivergent, and those are just trying to manage the day.  Our intention is rooted in creating tools to provide people with holistic life management, strategy, and structure for themselves. 

the story.

Founded in 2019, scottie. wanted to created a planner that valued function as much as it did form. A planner that wasn't created for the "suburban, stay at home" lifestyle, but rather one that considered her and people like her in its design. 

Each Alter Planning Co. product has been intentionally design to offer a visually lightweight design to counter the overstimulation that has become a normal part of most of our days, offering a moment of relief. 

Since launching the well-loved Annual, scottie. has created a variety of other lifestyle products including a daily planner, a tarot journal with Tatianna Tarot, several free worksheets, and the newly annouced CMPLXN journal. APCo exists as a sort of art project/business hybrid as scottie. continues to innovate new ways that a "planner" can support people.

the founder & Designer
scottie. o


scottie. is a multi-disclipinary artist from Gonzales, Louisiana who loves to do her own thing. She has spent her life creating through various mediums, although photography might be her favorite. For the last decade, she has studied visual language and offered creative consulting to brands across the nation. She has also spent time as the Dean of Photography for The Futures Fund in Baton Rouge, La, developing curriculum and instructing high schoolers about photography. 

Since launching APCo in 2019, scottie. has found so much pleasure in being able to help people manage their hectic lives and calm their busy minds. It continues to be an artistic exploration of divinely balancing form and function. 

You can find her on IG @byscottie.o or on twitter @byscottieo and find out what else scottie. is up to.