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a 6-month, undated, skin care journal.
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CMPLXN: The Skincare Journal
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Here is to planning a year full of laughter and conquering those goals floating around in your head. To a year of documenting the sweet and bitter parts of life and maintaing your balance through it all.

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I couldn't be happier with this planner. You can ask my fiance - I shopped planners online for DAYS before choosing this one, so you can trust me!

Kaitlin M.

I love this planner, the quality is great and the prompts included are very helpful for tracking habits and setting goals. The customer service team is wonderful and I will definitely purchase the next edition for 2023.

Lisbeth E.

I bought one mine and then I decided to buy one for all my homegirls (my best friend, her Godmom, and my mom. Lol.) and they LOVE IT!!

One of them told me today, "This is the best thing ever! I'm going to have to get one every year."

Nay R.

After searching long and hard, I ordered this planner. It has every feature I wanted (goal setting, action steps, budgeting). I am most impressed with the quality of construction. During the pandemic, the quality of paper products has declined. Not so with the Alter Planner. This has high quality paper and a durable cover that's soft to the touch. The binding appears durable. I really like the size of the planner, with each page large enough for easy writing. Now if I can only achieve those goals.......

Kay S.

This planner is IT for me. Everything about it is so intentional, its beautiful, it’s thorough, and it’s kept me grounded so far this year. The thing I like the most about it, is that it isn’t overwhelming with features, but still has everything you expect a planner to have (and then some!). Lastly - The space it has weekly to celebrate your wins and reflect on your losses has also helped my mental state so much. It’s an excellent way to keep my perspective where it needs to be. Thank you for making such an excellent tool to get my life and goals organized!

Andrea M.
Los Angeles, CA

the APCo. Vision

We hope to create products that nuture people's ambition, fuel their joy, and offer support in managing their lifestyle.

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