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CMPLXN: The Educational Skin Care Planner

skin care
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a 6-month, undated, educational skin care journal.Drops 6/26

because we all know the stress of an uneven CMPLXN...

Let's face it. We live in a society that is all about appearance and aesthetic. Awareness of our skin and CMPLXN start at a young age and can greatly affect our confidence and how we present to the world. The skin care market continues to expand as more and more people seek out new products to accomplish their #skincaregoals. We wanted to help.

Carefully crafted alongside industry-leading estheticians, CMPLXN is a skin care planner unlike anything out there. First, it educates. CMPLXN 101 covers everything one would need to know to begin to master their skin. In addition to education, CMPLXN provides weekly skin care planning and metrics to assess your skin and keep you on target for your skin care goals.

Releases 6/26
The Educational Skin Care Planner
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