Photo of alter planning co.'s yearly dated goal oriented planner

Inside our 2023 Annual

What sets our Annual apart from other yearly planners?

Our Annual was created to be a holistic, goal-oriented planner. One that could help a person stay on track for their projects and ideas while offering support in the other aspects of life, too. 


photo of the 2023 alter planning co annual, the yearly dated goal oriented planner

Here are some key features that make our Annual so special:

It contains space for a person to plan for their year with yearly goals and pages for a vision board or writing out affirmations.

From there, each quarter starts with project planning. No matter how big, small, or personal a goal may be, our Project Plan is designed to help plot out action steps, timeline, ideal outcomes, and even offers room to evaluate at the end. Taking the time to write out plans can greatly increase the likelihood of success and self- confidence.  

Each month offers space to outline intentions, monitor a budget, plan out to-do list and important dates. In addition, our Annual offers a month-at-view spread as well. It is designed to support the big goals of the year, as well as the smaller tasks life may require. 

Our weekly layout is also a favorite. It features full 7-day agenda planning with space for note taking, weekly to do list, budget monitoring, and affirmation and intention planning as well. 


photo of the 2023 annual dated goal oriented planner, open to the weekly layout on a blue background.

What's new in our 2023 Annual?

For the last 3 editions of the Annual, we have offered a sleek, smythe-sewn binding. This year, we are changing things. We are excited to announce that we are offering the 2023 Annual in a coil binding with a revised layout. In addition, we are offering the Annual at a new price. 


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