How to Use The Tarot by Tatianna Tarot

How to Use The Tarot by Tatianna Tarot

The purpose of THE TAROT is to guide you in facilitating a daily ritual in the comfort of your own space that centers around connecting deeper to your Higher Self, Ancestors, Guides and innate Spiritual Gifts. Our intuition and psychic abilities are a muscle that must be exercised if they are to develop to our favor, but how is this done? THE TAROT is the sacred divination journal that provides daily, weekly, monthly and yearly prompts on how to extract the most out of your cards and helps you think beyond what you see. The best way to utilize this journal is through commitment. You’re essentially making a pact with yourself to check in daily and track it. With time, THE TAROT will help you trace patterns, develop your own Tarot lens and interpretation and note synchronicities and common threads with your intuitive and ancestral messages regarding when you receive them and what happens in your life as a result. 



THE TAROT is best used ceremonially when you rise in the morning; hold space for 15-20 mins of introspection and set the tone. Fix yourself some coffee or tea, light some incense, put on some dope meditative music or chill tones and grab the Tarot deck that your Spirit is most feeling called to use for that day. If you’re feeling inclined, cleanse the space in whichever way you feel pulled and grab a writing utensil. Before you begin your pull, you can reference the ancestral reverence in the beginning of the journal as homage or pour a bit of water on the ground as a libation offering for your ancestors and spirit guides, giving them notification that you are grateful for their wisdom this day and that you’re asking for them to come through with clear messages and information that you’ll most need to hear at that time. 

Using the prompts in THE TAROT, fill in the deck you are using, the date and circle the current phase of the moon (you can also write what sign the moon is in as well directly underneath it). If you’ve had any dreams the night prior, you can fill in that information and your own interpretation. Shuffle with the intention to pull for direct guidance for your day or for whatever wisdom your ancestors wish to bestow upon you that day. Allow your mind to flow and free write whatever comes to your heart and senses, regarding the energy of the card and what your ancestor’s message is. Think of 3 keywords you can associate with that card and what emotions come up for you. There are no wrong answers - this is solely based on how you connect to yourself. One step further is to tap into the medicine of the message and come up with some conclusions on how to integrate that wisdom for the day. How is your Spirit calling you to apply the wisdom of the card pulled? Write that down. Once you have written your own interpretations, feel free to use the glossary of tarot definitions in the journal, to supplement your messages. At the end of your day, before bed, revisit that page and see what revelations occurred and how your day played out in accordance to the energy of the card. Your experience will be the fuel to discovering your own definitions for the cards, rather than relying on what has been defined for you. 


Alter Planning Co's Tarot Journal done in collaboration with Tatianna Tarot, A photo of the daily spread

If you’re looking for more in depth pulls, feel free to use the Ancestral and New/Full moon spreads I’ve provided for you in the journal. These guided spreads are intended for you to get a deeper lens on what your ancestors would like for you to know and to overcome. They can be accessed whenever you’d like and there is ample space in the journal for your insights and opinions. THE TAROT allows you to trace your experiences and to tie that down to the energy of the cards so that you see for yourself how you embody the Tarot journey in life. Remember, consistency is key to developing your own Tarot language and your special spiritual gifts. What you mark down now, can be left for future descendants to learn and journey along with you. Record your magic!