image of alter planning co. product "The Annual" in green, on a blue and white background.

How to Use Your Annual


Alter Planning Co. believes that structure and boundaries are necessary for the creative outlet. When using the APC planners, there are multiple layouts included that offer creative freedom, while also recognizing the need for structure to achieve goals. Each layout has been carefully curated to perform as the perfect planner for the creative. Using a planner should not feel like another task to complete, but rather an experience where all of your ideas have a home. Here are some descriptions of the ideal function and intention of each layout.

Vision Board

Vision boards are unique in the way that creatives can visually create and manifest their aspirations for the year. In the Annual from Alter Planning Co., the vision board layout is where you can create your vision for the next year and keep it close to you as you move through your year. Use photos, cut-outs, quotes, or whatever else helps to illustrate what you hope to bring in next year. 

Yearly Goals

Writing down goals is extremely important to achieve them. While the Vision Board can help you to illustrate your goals, this layout is designed to put words to the vision. Goals for the year may seem overwhelming, but Alter Planning Co's yearly goal layout is designed to help you break down your goals by quarter, creating an easy roadmap to follow for the year. 

Financial Goals

Although APC believes that Work is about fulfillment rather than just income, sometimes those goals take money to achieve and may yield money in the process as well. Using the financial goals layout is ideal for those who have goals for their creative business or need a place to keep track of their financial progress. 

Project Planner

Planning is extremely important to the outcome of a project. This layout is perfect for planning every aspect of a project. Outline necessary materials, the ideal timeline, and outcomes. This layout is designed to help you keep track of your project and ensure that you thoroughly think through all aspects, breaking the project down into bite-size pieces. List each task to ensure you stay focused. 

Alter Planning Co's Annual Planner Project Planning Spread

Monthly Plan and Focus

The Monthly Plan and Focus layouts have to crafted to help you get aligned each month. Complete with money goals, to-do lists, and habit trackers, the Monthly Plan and Focus has all you need to ensure you make the most of your month. Use the space to ensure you stay on track of your Projects and Yearly Goals. By focusing on a task each month, the yearly goals become easier to manage, while not feeling overwhelming.


Alter Planning Co Annual Monthly Plan and Focus Spread


Monthly Budgeting + Income/Expense Tracking

Use this layout to outline your budget for the month. Tracking your income and your spending in one place. Ensure you stay within your budget by tracking your over/under for the month. 


Alter Planning Co's Monthly Budget Spread


Weekly Layout

We all need structure for our week-to-week tasks. Our weekly layout is designed to help you get focused each day, while outlining your schedule, weekly to-do, and goals. Jot down important notes from the week, list your wins and losses, and keep track of your income and spending in one spread. In need of a little inspiration, write your affirmation for the week to ensure you stay centered.

Alter Planning Co Weekly Spread

Quarter Review

The Quarter Review Layout is like a progress report four times a year. It is a layout that gives the user time to reflect on the good and the bad of the past three months while giving the inspiration to continue to improve. 

Alter Planning Co's Annual Planner Quarterly Review Layout


Our Annual is designed to help fuel your productivity, creativity and passions.