Meet the CMPLXN Experts

Meet the CMPLXN Experts

CMPLXN is a skin care journal, packed with lots of educational information about how to care for your skin, along with suggestions to build the perfect routine for you. scottie. created this journal, with the help of these amazing Black women Estheticians. 


Read below to learn more about them and where you can follow for even more skin care education. 

Nayamka Roberts-Smith/Labeautyologist

Nayamka Roberts- Smith, LE*

Nayamka Roberts-Smith is an award-winning licensed esthetician, entrepreneur, skincare expert and content creator. #The60SecondRule, Nayamka’s viral creation, gained global recognition for its intuitive and simple methodology of skin cleansing. Nayamka educates her audience of nearly 1 million with a playful delivery of scientific skincare information that makes sometimes complicated industry jargon, digestible & relatable. She is recognized as “Twitter’s most influential esthetician” according to Insights by Sprinklr. When she’s not educating and influencing online, Nayamka runs a successful self-care merchandise e-commerce shop & virtual skincare consultation service.

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Eden Gilliam, LE

Eden Gilliam is the Founder of EveMilanNY and an Esthetician with 11 years experience in the skin care industry. In addition, she has studied skin nutrition and how internal factors and diet affect skin health. Understanding how important food ingredients play in skins health lead her to pay more attention to harmful ingredients within the products she used and recommended which was the catalyst behind the birth of EVE MILAN New York a 5-free skincare line designed to restore confidence back into your skin and give it a healthy glow without the use of harsh chemicals. 


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Starasia Abraham - One of the CMPLXN experts


Starasia Abraham , LE

Starasia Abraham is the founder of Melapop Co and Sabrena Experience. With a bachelor's in Chemical Engineering and an esthetician license, Star has skin care studio's in both Dallas and Houston. Today, she's known as a trusted skincare expert and chemist for some of the top brands in the industry. Star's vast knowledge and history navigating the beauty industry is the art behind her brand (and what keeps clients coming back!)

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