Our New Dailies!

Our New Dailies!

Hey y'all! scottie here. 


I'm very excited to announce that our new Dailies has launched! This iteration is one that I've always hoped to be able to produce.

When I first created our daily planner, I really wanted something that allowed me to plan out my day, itemize my to dos AND have room to take notes. I just couldn't quite figure out how to do it without the page feeling cluttered and overwhelming. It was a project I'd pick up every couple of months, hoping the lightbulb would go off.  

Throughout this time period, so many of you have told me about how the Annual and the Dailies help you manage your anxiety and ADHD. So, I began to consider ways that I could make these tools more beneficial for you. 



From this, I created a tiered to-do list to help prioritize what tasks NEED to get done, what you should do to stay on track/manage your goals, and things that you could do to get ahead. Then I created space to plan the best order for the things you plan to do. 

Then I included a dotted grid space for you to take notes, doodle, plan out tomorrow, or anything else you need. 


Get your copy and let me how it helps you!