Dailies Redux: FREE Worksheet

Dailies Redux: FREE Worksheet


Last year, the world stopped. As a entrepreneur and an artist, last year shook me. Everything that felt stable, was suddenly shown to be anything but that. The desire for a sense of normalcy and direct, still pushed me forward. If you have followed alter planning co, then you saw how big of a year 2020 was for us (me and it)! Then the end of the year came, and I completely ran out fuel. I’ve experienced a burnout before, but this was something else entirely.

It was a complete 180. I went from clocking in 9,10, 12 hours of work a day to maybe being motivated to do 45 minutes. It was a struggle to focus on anything work related. My body was calling me to pleasure and to nurture myself. To, honestly, slow down, period. 

As a result, I started reflecting on the importance of routine and considered ways that mine could be better. It inspired me to be more holistic, not just in my practices but in the products that I create.

The Dailies is one of our most popular products and does wonders to help people plan their day and tackle their agendas. However, the Dailies was a prototype. I had an idea that I wasn’t fully sure was ready, but knew it needed time to “breathe” and mature. Over the last year, I’ve been working on a new version of the Dailies. One that allows for more holistic planning and de-centers work, allowing you and your body to take up more space in your day. 

It’s not quite ready yet, but here is a free download of a sneak peek that should allow you to reframe your day a little bit. Just sign up at the link below

As always, I would love your feedback as I create products for you and people like you. Please let me know what you think!




Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash