Alter Planning Co.'s 2022 Annual, open to weekly layout, in a body of water

this year, we are water.

alter planning co., was created with the earth in mind. In the past, we have pulled from the soil and the land for our colors. The reminder of structure felt critical.

However, this year is different. This pandemic has wreaked havoc and affected each of us. So many of us are experiencing fatigue and mental exhaustion as we reach for some unattainable idea of "normalcy."

This isn't normal. There isn't even a normal to go back to. So many of us have lost friends, family members, loved ones, partners, and coworkers to a virus. These people are a part of our normal. They aren't coming back. We have to make room for this. 

picture of alter planning co 2022 annual planner in a pool of water

So this year, rather than leaning on structure, we are becoming water. We are becoming fluid and actively choosing to adapt to the newness of life's changes. We are resilient and ever moving. 

This year is less about imposing our way, and more about bending so we do not break. 

You are your constant. Allow your planner to reflect this.


- scottie.