Skincare Routines: Basics

Skincare Routines: Basics

Skincare Routines: Basics

Understanding the basics of skincare routines is the perfect place to start when starting or modifying a skin care regime. A key to skincare solutions is to ensure that you're covering the essentials of what your skin needs to maintain it's health. 

The most basic routine consists of 3 parts: a cleanser, a moisturizer, and sunscreen. If you’re just getting started, these three are the place to start. 


No matter your particular skin care concerns, your routine should begin with a hydrating cleanser. A cleanser will work to dissolve dirt, excess oil, makeup and other impurities from your skin. Without effectively cleansing your skin, your pores can fill with debris, excess oil, and bacteria leading to breakouts, worsening aging, and other skin issues. 

Cleansers come in a variety of forms: oils, gels, foams, lotions, and waters. The form of cleanser that is best for you will depend on your preference. 


As discussed in the previous section, a key role of your skin is to maintain the barrier that keeps moisture in. However, your skin needs a little help. By moisturizing your skin, you add hydration and support the barrier function, helping your skin maintain its ideal health. Every routine should have a moisturizer, a lotion, gel, or cream that works to add moisture to your skin. 


Sunscreen is a foundational element in your routine. Everyone needs sunscreen, regardless of age or skin tone.  The UVA and UVB rays emitted from the sun damage skin cells(including cell DNA) and cause a majority of the aging in your skin, including wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation issues. In addition, UV exposure can also cause skin cancer in all skin types, although risks are highest for fair skinned people. In addition to its protection benefits, sunscreen also works to lock in moisture, supporting your skin’s moisture barrier. 


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