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The Tarot: Sacred Divination Journal by Tatianna Tarot

The Tarot: Sacred Divination Journal by Tatianna Tarot

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Designed to help you develop your intuition and relationship with tarot, explore our collaborative journal with Tatianna Tarot. This journal was crafted to help you explore and notate messages given to you by your ancestors and guides over 6 months.. Each journal includes a monthly, weekly, and daily layout to write down the cards pulled and the messages received. In addition, there is a card tracking layout, empowering you to see themes and patterns throughout the month, at a glance. Tatianna even includes a glossary of the cards and two original spreads, designed to take your intuition deeper.

"Throughout my years of reading Tarot, I've accumulated insight through the daily practice of Tarot Meditations, notating what my ‘Card of the Day,’ energy or ancestral wisdom for the day, would be. These daily practices greatly increased my skill and clarity of my pulls.

The compilation of these meditations not only served as my personal encyclopedia for Tarot but as a therapeutic reference point to my life. They have helped me track and place awareness on patterns, energetic cycles, and future insights to come. This dedicated study of the cards enhanced my faith in my intuition and sharpened my instincts." - Tatianna 


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  • 6 Months of Tracking
  • Guided Monthly, Weekly, Daily Layouts
  • Monthly Card Tracking
  • Daily Moon Cycle Tracking
  • 2 Original Spreads crafted by Tatianna Tarot
  • Glossary written by Tatianna Tarot
  • Daily Dream Tracking


    • Hardcover
    • 110 gsm paper
    • Made with Sustainably Sourced Paper
    • Printed and Bound in the USA
    • 7in. x 9in
    • alter's Signature Soft Touch Cover in Intuitive Purple
    • 248 pages
    • Hardcover

    The decks featured in the promotional photos is the Akamara Tarot

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Lisa Greene
    Excellent Tool

    I’ve been using this tarot journal after taking Tati’s ETHP course and have noticed that I am getting some of the same cards and patterns for some weeks now. I’ve been able to use the journal as a tool to know only track my cards but get deeper meanings and understandings of what my spirit guides are communicating to me loud and clear. Each section of the page layouts are also during and after the reading with end of the day reflections and dream notes. I love this journal and will be buying myself another and another. Won’t continue my journey without it. Thanks!

    An absolute favorite spiritual resource, worth the investment

    First purchased near beginning of the year, when I wanted to re-commit to my spiritual growth, skill development. Immediately became a favorite resource and a key part of my daily routine/sacred space.

    Decided to try to go without after 6mo mark to 'save money' / find a more generic tarot journal. And, consequently, the quality of my tarot reflections/tracking (and my overall routine) just wasn't the same afterwards. So, now, I've purchased 2 more to be prepared for the full 12mo in 2022! This is a really beautiful tracker; I'd prefer more note space for free-flow journaling after a reading but otherwise, the structured elements are perfect.

    Gwendolyn Carter
    Worth It

    I just got it about a week ago, only a day or so from the first of the month so it was still a great time for me to start from the top. So far I love it. I can already plot themes more thoroughly and am having better conversations with my decks. I only wish that there were a full blank page for free writing to accompany each reading. There’s just not enough space for all of my insights so I still have an extra notebook to cross reference later. I still find this invaluable and can see myself purchasing another one in 6 months.

    Excellent Resource

    This book is so helpful in tracking monthly, daily and weekly pulls and seeing the themes and cycles laid out plainly. Also love the spreads shared in the beginning of the journal.

    jakiyah cabell
    an absolute necessity!

    i love this journal so much i just copped another. i bought my first one in february and now that it is july, it was time for a re-up. i couldn't really imagine life without it LOL.