Graphic that reads "Announcing CMPLXN" (alter planning co's newest product; a skin care journal) Graphic also features illustrations of women in face masks and skin care products.

Our newest: CMPLXN. The Educational Skin Care Journal

Super excited to announce APCo.’s newest product, CMPLXN! I have been working on this project since mid 2020 and am super excited for you guys to experience all that I’ve worked on with Nayamka of Shop Labeautyologist/Golden Rx, Eden of EveMilanNY, and Starasia of Melapop Skin Clinic!

CMPLXN is unlike any other journal out there right now. It is part educational (because learning how to take better care of your skin is KEY to getting an even complexion) and part journaling/tracking, including cataloging all of your skin care products, planning out routines (with space to note how effective they were), and worksheets to assess your skin and outline how you plan to target your skin’s concerns. 


Photo of alter planning co's CMPLXN, a skin care journal. Open to the routine planning pages

The first portion of the journal is the resource guide, CMPLXN 101. “CMPLXN 101” breaks down key information about caring for your skin including how to take care of your moisture barrier (and explains what that is), how different types of products may be valuable additions to your routine, and how various skin care ingredients can help you to combat your specific skin concerns. CMPLXN 101 is FULL of information that may help you elevate your routine in so many different ways. Including ingredient recommendations to target different common skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, and dermatitis. 


Photo of alter planning co's skin care journal, CMPLXN. The journal is open to the section that breaks down how to treat common skin concerns


After the resource guide, there are my favorite pages, the weekly tracking. Each spread is dedicated to a week, with space to write which routines you use on a daily basis and track various skin influencers like stress, sugar, diary, shaving, menstruation, etc. In addition, each week includes space for a weekly skin analysis. Track the increase/decrease of some common skin concerns to see how your skin progresses throughout the months and adjust your routines accordingly.


Photo of alter planning co's skin care journal, CMPLXN, open to the weekly tracking and skin analysis


One of the key intentions was to create a journal that empowered you to build routines that worked for you. I hope this journal inspires, y'all.

Be sure to get on the list. CMPLXN drops 6/26.

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